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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

22 December 2023 A Murder at the End of the World: Are you Vi or Emacs?

I've enjoyed watching A Murder at the End of the World. The show may resonate with folks following the tech world. Won't say much more than that…

What I can maybe say is, the shows features Reddit, Brave browser, terminal usage (ifconfig, nmap, hydra, responder), and a reference to the good 'ol Vi vs Emacs rivalry, which I hope folks these days don't take further than friendly teasing between dear cousins.

In any case, being an Emacs nut, the scene gave me a good tickle. It's a great show, with a lovely Emacs cherry on top! While the show title and description didn't immediately draw me in, I'm glad I gave it a chance.