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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

20 September 2015 Chinatown treats review

Recommended? yep

There's a corner in Chinatown hosting some truly superb treats. If you get caught in the rush between Newport court and Newport place, you'd likely fail to notice some the awesome street food stands.

chinatown.jpg newport-court.jpg

Chilly squid

I've walked past this place many times and never noticed it. They serve a handful of items, but the grilled chilly squid skewers caught my attention. They're grilled, brushed with chilly sauce and finished with sprinkled sesame and cumin seeds. Super tasty.


chilly-squid-1.jpg chilly-squid-2.jpg

Pancake + Crisp + Egg + Hot chillies = Jiān Bǐng 煎餅

I first had these delicious breakfast savory pancakes at a Beijing street food stall. Never expected to randomly find Jiān Bǐng in London. It's a crepe with an additional egg spread, hoisin sauce, chilly sauce, hot chillies, topped with spring onions and coriander, all wrapping a wonderfully crispy bread cracker. And.. it's awesome.


Tai Yaki

Chinatown Bakery is hard to miss. Pedestrian traffic slows down as we all fall under the spell of the Tai Yaki machine. This wonderful assembly line produces fish-shaped sweet waffles filled with custard. They are the perfect dessert after some savory street snacks. You can get a bag of 4 for £2.

fish-1.jpg fish-4.jpg

All near each other

All these delights are within a stone's throw away from each other.



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