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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

03 August 2022 Emacs freebie: macOS emoji picker

I recently ran a little experiment to bring macOS's long-press-accents-like behavior to Emacs. What I forgot to mention is that macOS's character viewer just works from our beloved editor.

If you have a newer MacBook model, you can press the 🌐 key to summon the emoji picker (character viewer). You may need to set this key binding from macOS keyboard preferences.

I'm happy to take this Emacs freebie, kthxbye.



  • Like other macOS apps, this dialog can be invoked via control-command-space (thanks mtndewforbreakfast). Note: you'd lose this ability if you (setq mac-command-modifier 'meta) in your config.
  • The 🌐 key is a feature on newer MacBook hardware and likely needs configuration (thanks Fabbi-).