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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

13 November 2022 Emacs: quickly killing processes

Every so often, I need to kill the odd unresponsive process. While I really like proced (check out Mickey Petersen's article), I somehow find myself using macOS's Activity Monitor to this purpose. Kinda odd, considering I prefer to do these kinds of things from Emacs.

What I'd really like is a way to quickly fuzzy search a list of active processes and choose the unresponsive culprid, using my preferred completion frontend (in my case ivy).


The function below gives us a fuzzy-searchable process utility. While we could use ivy-read directly in our implementation, we're better of using completing-read to remain compatible with other completion frameworks. I'm a big fan of the humble completing-read. You feed it a list of candidates and it prompts users to pick one.

To build our process list, we can lean on proced's own source: proced-process-attributes. We transform its output to an alist, formatting the visible keys to contain the process id, owner, command name, and the command line which invoked the process. Once a process is chosen, we can send a kill signal using signal-process dwim-shell-command and our job is done.

(require 'dwim-shell-command)
(require 'map)
(require 'proced)
(require 'seq)

(defun dwim-shell-commands-kill-process ()
  "Select and kill process."
  (let* ((pid-width 5)
         (comm-width 25)
         (user-width 10)
         (processes (proced-process-attributes))
          (mapcar (lambda (attributes)
                    (let* ((process (cdr attributes))
                           (pid (format (format "%%%ds" pid-width) (map-elt process 'pid)))
                           (user (format (format "%%-%ds" user-width)
                                          (map-elt process 'user) user-width nil nil t)))
                           (comm (format (format "%%-%ds" comm-width)
                                          (map-elt process 'comm) comm-width nil nil t)))
                           (args-width (- (window-width) (+ pid-width user-width comm-width 3)))
                           (args (map-elt process 'args)))
                      (cons (if args
                                (format "%s %s %s %s" pid user comm (truncate-string-to-width args args-width nil nil t))
                              (format "%s %s %s" pid user comm))
         (selection (map-elt candidates
                             (completing-read "kill process: "
                                               (lambda (p1 p2)
                                                 (string-lessp (nth 2 (split-string (string-trim (car p1))))
                                                               (nth 2 (split-string (string-trim (car p2))))))
                                               candidates) nil t)))
         (prompt-title (format "%s %s %s"
                               (map-elt selection 'pid)
                               (map-elt selection 'user)
                               (map-elt selection 'comm))))
    (when (y-or-n-p (format "Kill? %s" prompt-title))
       (format "Kill %s" prompt-title)
       (format "kill -9 %d" (map-elt selection 'pid))
       :utils "kill"
       :error-autofocus t
       :silent-success t))))

I've pushed dwim-shell-commands-kill-process to my config dwim-shell-commands.el. Got suggestions? Alternatives? Lemme know.


I've moved dwim-shell-commands-kill-process from my Emacs config to dwim-shell-commands.el. A few advantages:

  • Killing processes is now async.
  • Should anything go wrong, an error message is now accessible.
  • You can easily install via MELPA.

If you prefer the previous version (without a dependency on dwim-shell-command), have a look at the initial commit.