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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

13 July 2022 Emacs zones to lift you up


As I prune my Emacs config off, I came across a forgotten bit of elisp I wrote about 6 years ago. While it's not going to power up your Emacs fu, it may lift your spirits, or maybe just aid discovery of new words.

You see, I had forgotten about zone.el altogether: a fabulous package to tickle your heart. You can think of it as screensaver built into Emacs.

If the built-in zones don't do it for ya, check out the few on melpa (nyan, sl, and rainbow).

So, my nostalgic bit of elisp dates Jun 17 2016: a basic but functional zone (zone-words), displaying words from WordNet. Surely the package can use plenty of improvements (here's one), but hey this is Emacs and pretty much all existing code will run, no matter how old. In Emacs time, 2016 is practically yesterday!