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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

25 January 2016 Fischer's London: yes, but…


Step into a Viennese blast from the past. Beautiful setting and pleasant vibe. Ordered a dirty martini on the rocks, a bottle of Merlot, Käsespätzle (with bacon), and Wiener Schnitzel (with anchovy/capers/egg). All very tasty.


Surprisingly, desserts (Topfenstrudel, Berggasse and coffee) were nothing spectacular. Also not a cheap eat (£50 per person).


fischers-03.JPG fischers-04.JPG fischers-05.JPG fischers-06.JPG fischers-07.JPG fischers-08.JPG fischers-09.JPG fischers-10.JPG fischers-11.JPG fischers-12.JPG