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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

17 March 2021 Flat Habits for iOS (powered by org)

UPDATE: Flat Habits now has its own page at

No friction. No social. No analytics. No account. No cloud. No lock-in.

So what is it?

An iOS app to help you form and track lasting habits.

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Why an app?

Tracking and accountability may help you develop positive habits. A simple habit-tracking app should make this easy. I'm not a habits expert, but got inspired by James Clear's Atomic Habits. Read that book if you're interested in the topic.

I wanted a frictionless habit tracker that gets out of the way, so I built one to my taste.

Sounds like a lot of work?

You mean habit tracking? It's not. I tried to make the app simple and focused. Mark a habit done whenever you do it. It's really encouraging to see your daily streaks grow. I really don't want to break them.

What kind of habits?

Any recurring habit you'd like to form like exercise, water the plants, read, make your bed, recycle, call grandma, yoga, cleaning, drink water, meditate, take a nap, make your lunch, journal, laundry, push-ups, sort out the dryer filter, floz, take your vitamins, take your meds, eat salad, eat fruit, practice a language, practice an instrument, go to bed early…

So it's like a task/todo app?

Nope. This app focuses solely on habits. Unlike todos/tasks, habits must happen regularly. If you don't water the plants, they will die. If you don't exercise regularly, you won't get the health benefits. Keep your habits separate from that long list of todos. You know, that panic-inducing list you're too afraid to look at.

Where is my data stored?

On your iPhone as a plain text file (in org mode format). You can view, edit, or migrate your data at any time (use export from the menu). You may also save it to a shared location, so you can access it from multiple devices/apps. Some of us like to use our beloved text editors (Emacs, Vim, VSCode, etc.) to poke at habits.

Got more questions?

I may not have the answer, but I can try. Ping me at flathabits*at*

Privacy policy

No personal data is sent to any server, as there is no server component to this app. There are neither third party integrations, accounts, analytics, nor trackers in this app. All your data is kept on your iPhone, unless you choose a cloud provider to sync or store your data. See your cloud provider's privacy policy for details on how they may handle it.

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