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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

23 March 2021 Flat Habits v1.0.1 (org import menu)

UPDATE: Flat Habits now has its own page at

Flat Habits v1.0.1 is now released and available in the App Store.

org import (import vs in-place)

We can now import org files from the menu. Importing gives ya the option to either import (copy into the app) or open in-place. The latter enables users to sync org files with other iOS apps or just open/edit from Emacs for the full org-mode/agenda experience.

today_no_filter.png today_no_filter.png

Syncing with your desktop can be achieved by either iCloud or by enabling other providers in the Files app (after installing the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox, etc).

Please note that importing (copying into the app) is currently the recommended flow. Opening in-place and syncing is still fairly experimental, so please back up your org files regularly. If you do run into syncing issues, please get in touch.

Good luck with your habits!