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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

21 February 2021 Frictionless org habits on iOS

UPDATE: Flat Habits now has its own page at


I've been wanting org to keep track of my daily habits for a little while. The catalyst: reading James Clear's wonderful Atomic Habits (along with plenty of lock-down inspiration).

As much as I live in Emacs and org mode, it just wasn't practical enough to rely on my laptop for tracking habits. I wanted less friction, so I've been experimenting with building a toy app for my needs. Naturally, org support was a strict requirement, so I could always poke at it from my beloved editor.

I've been using the app every day with success. The habits seem to be sticking, but equally important, it's been really fun to join the fabulous world of Emacs/Org with iOS/SwiftUI.

This is all very experimental1 and as mentioned on reddit (follow-up here) and twitter, the app isn't available on the App Store. I may consider publishing if there's enough interest, but in the mean time, you can reach out and install via TestFlight.

Send me an email address to flathabits*at* for a TestFlight invite.

2021-03-12 Update: Now with iOS Files app/sync integration

If you can sync your org file with your iPhone (ie. Drive/Dropbox/iCloud), and list it in the Files app, you should be able to open/edit1 with Flat Habits (that's the name now). With iOS Files integration, you should be able to sync your habits between your iPhone and your funky editor powering org mode2.




The app's been fairly stable, but who knows… please backup your org file before feeding it to the lion.


Yes, this post was written in org mode.