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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

27 August 2023 Further sqlite-mode extensions

I've continued poking at Emacs 29's sqlite-mode. Since my last post on extensions, I've experimented a little with adding a handful of interactive functions:

  • sqlite-mode-extras-compose-and-execute: Compose and execute a query.


  • sqlite-mode-extras-execute: Execute a query.


  • sqlite-mode-extras-add-row: Add row to table at point.


  • sqlite-mode-extras-delete-row-dwim: Similar to sqlite-mode-delete but also enables deleting range in region.


  • sqlite-mode-extras-refresh: Refreshes the buffer re-querying the database.
  • sqlite-mode-extras-ret-dwim: If on table, toggle expansion. If on row, edit it.
  • sqlite-mode-extras-execute-and-display-select-query: Executes a query and displays results.


I've been playing with the following key bindings:

(use-package sqlite-mode-extras
  :bind (:map
         ("n" . next-line)
         ("p" . previous-line)
         ("b" . sqlite-mode-extras-backtab-dwim)
         ("f" . sqlite-mode-extras-tab-dwim)
         ("+" . sqlite-mode-extras-add-row)
         ("D" . sqlite-mode-extras-delete-row-dwim)
         ("C" . sqlite-mode-extras-compose-and-execute)
         ("E" . sqlite-mode-extras-execute)
         ("S" . sqlite-mode-extras-execute-and-display-select-query)
         ("DEL" . sqlite-mode-extras-delete-row-dwim)
         ("g" . sqlite-mode-extras-refresh)
         ("<backtab>" . sqlite-mode-extras-backtab-dwim)
         ("<tab>" . sqlite-mode-extras-tab-dwim)
         ("RET" . sqlite-mode-extras-ret-dwim)))

The code lives in sqlite-mode-extras.el under my Emacs config repo. Beware, it's fairly experimental and hasn't been tested thoroughly.