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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

21 March 2020 Modern Emacs lisp libraries

Quickly finding related built-in elisp functions (without prefixes) can sometimes take a little poking around.

Some modern and predictable built-in exceptions I now reach out to are:

  • map.el for key/values, alists, hash-tables and arrays (built-in as of Emacs 25.1).
  • seq.el for sequence manipulation functions (built-in as of Emacs 25.1).
  • subr-x.el has a handful of string functions (built-in as of Emacs 24.4).
  • let-alist.el wonderful syntax for alists, great for json (built-in as of Emacs 25.1).

If you don't mind reaching out to third-party libs (you likely have some of these already installed), here are some modern, predictable, and well-documented ones that always get me out of trouble:

I'm happy with built-ins like map.el, seq.el, and let-alist.el. subr-x.el is also pretty nice, although not as full-featured as third-party s.el.

Am I missing out on other modern built-ins or third-party libraries?

UPDATE: Added a handful of newly discovered libraries plus suggestions by Daniel Martín (thanks!). Not tried any of these myself.

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