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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

19 August 2021 Org habits on iOS? Check! Tasks, you're next

I'm an org mode fan. This blog is powered by org. It's more of an accidental blog that started as a single org file keeping notes. I use org babel too. Oh and org habits. My never-ending list of TODOs is also powered by org. I manage all of this from Emacs and peek at TODOs using org agenda. This all works really well while I'm sitting in front of my laptop running Emacs.

But then I'm away from my laptop… and I need to quickly record habits on the go. I need it to be low-friction. Ssh'ing to an Emacs instance from a smartphone isn't an option. I'm an iPhone user, so whatever the solution, it should play nice with Emacs and org mode. I built Flat Habits for habit tracking and I'm fairly happy with the result. As of today, my longest-tracked habit is on a 452-day streak.


Moving on to org tasks/TODOs… I want something fairly frictionless while on the go. With Flat Habits as a stepping stone, I can now reuse some parts to build Plain Org. This new app should give me quick access to my tasks. The two driving goals are: quickly add new tasks and search existing ones while away from my laptop. Ok, maybe basic editing helps too. Oh and it should sync over cloud, of course.


I now have an early implementation of sorts, available on TestFlight. If you'd like to give it a try, send me an email address to receive the the invite. Ping me on reddit, twitter, or email me at "plainorg" + "@" + "".