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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

15 April 2022 Plain Org v1.3 released

Plain Org v1.3 is now available on the App Store. The update receives a few features, bug fixes, and improvements.

If you haven't heard of Plain Org, it gives you access to org files on iPhone while away from your beloved Emacs.

I love org markup, but we (iPhone + org users) are a fairly niche bunch. If you're finding Plain Org useful, please help support this effort by getting the word out. Tell your friends, tweet, or blog about it.

On to v1.3 release notes…

Toggle recurring tasks

You can now toggle recurring tasks with either catchup <2022-04-15 Fri ++1d>, restart <2022-04-15 Fri .+1d>, or cumulate <2022-04-15 Fri +1d> repeaters.


Log state transitions


Fullscreen view

The navigation bar now hides on scroll. This can be enabled/disabled via View > Full Screen menu.


The previous screenshot text comes from Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text, a magnificent org resource.

Deadline and scheduled date rendered

In the past, SCHEDULED and DEADLINE were rendered (but only one of them at a time). Now both are rendered alongside each other (deadline has an orange tint).


Roundtripping fidelity

Many roundtripping fidelity improvements included in 1.3. Shoutout to u/Oerm who reported unnecessary formatting changes in unmodified areas and helped test all fixes.

Other bug fixes improvements

  • Disable raw text edit menu when file is not accessible.
  • Minor improvements to inline editing layouts (vertical height and drawers).
  • ABRT and HABIT now recognized as a popular keywords.
  • Improve state transition alignment to match org mode behaviour.
  • Fixes roundtripping state transition notes (leading to data loss).
  • Log creation from share sheet.
  • Increment DEADLINE and SCHEDULED, not just first found.
  • Roundtrip more whitespace in untouched areas.
  • Fixes org syntax inadvertently parsed within begin_src blocks (leading to data loss).