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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

04 March 2023 *scratch* a new minimal org mode scratch area for iOS

While we already have lots of note-taking apps on iOS, I wanted a minimal *scratch* area (à la Emacs), so I built one.

*scratch* icon

What's the use-case? You're on the go. Someone's telling you directions, or a phone number, name of a restaurant, anything really… you just need to write it down right now, quickly!

No time to create a new contact, a note, a file, or spend time on additional taps, bring up keyboard… You just want to write it somewhere with the least amount of friction.


Being an Emacs and org user, I had to sprinkle the app with basic markup support for headings, lists and checkboxes. Also, having a *scratch* "buffer" on my iPhone gives me that warm emacsy fuzzy feeling :)

You can download *scratch* from the App Store.

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