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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

17 December 2019 Studying for Life in the UK test

Today, I passed the Life in the UK test. Wasn't quite sure how to study for it. During my commutes, I listened to the Life in the UK 2019 Test audio book.

A friend recommended Overall, I found their practice tests very useful. Taking a bunch tests helped me internalize the material.

Took some notes along the way (mostly data with years attached) and dumped it into an org table. This helped me form a mental timeline.

NOTE: These tables alone are not comprehensive enough to prepare for the exam. You'll need to know additional information without dates attached.


Year Event
2012 Diamond Jubilee
1999 Scottish Parliament formed
1973 UK joins the EU \o/
1972 Mary Peters wins Gold medal (pentathlon)
1957 Treaty of Rome signed (March 25)
1950 UK signs European Convention of Human Rights
1949 Ireland become a republic
1947 Granted independence India, Pakistan and Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
1945 Clement Attlee elected
1945 Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin
1945 WWII ends
1944 Butler Act (free secondary education England/Wales)
1940 Battle of Britain
1939 Germany invades Poland
1930s Turing Machine
1936 BBC first regular television service
1932 First television broadcast
1930 British Film Studios Fluorish
1928 Women/men with same voting age
1918 WWI ends (November 11, 11am)
1903 Emmeline Pankhurst Women’s Social and Political Union (suffragettes)
1902 Motor-car racing in UK
1896 First film shown publicly
1899-1902 The Boer War (South Africa)
1870-1914 120000 Russian and Polish Jews fled to Britain to escape prosecution
1853-1856 Crimean War
1851 Great Exhibition (showcased Crystal Palance)
1837 Queen Victoria becomes queen (at 18)
1833 Emancipation Act (abolished slavery throughout British Emprire)
1832 The Reform Act (increase number of people with voting rights)
1776 North American colonies want out (don't tax us without representation)
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie gets support by clansmen from Scottish highlands
1714 Queen Ann dies, George I becomes King
1689 Bill of rights (limit rights of kings)
1688 William of Orange invades England (proclaims king)
1680-1720 Huguenots refugees came to England (from France)
1695 Free press (newspapers) established
1679 Habeas Corpus Act (right to trial)
1649-1660 Cromwell rules republic for 11 years (Charles I executed)
1642 English Civil war (Cavaliers vs Roundheads)
1606 Union flag created
1588 English beat Spanish Armada
1348 Black death (third population die)
1314 Battle of Bannockburn: Robert the Bruce (Scottish King) beats English invasion
1284 Statute of Rhuddlan (Wales joins Crown, by King Edward I)
1215 Magna Carta created
1066 Norman Conquest (Saxon King Harold killed by William I)
300-400 AD Christians appear in Britain
789 AD Vikings first visit Britain and raid coastal towns
6000 years ago Farmers come to Britain


Year Population
2010 > 62 million
2005 < 60 million
1998 57 million
1951 50 million
1901 40 million
1851 20 million
1700 5 million
1600 > 4 million