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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

22 March 2024 The Org bundle

Plain Org /

My more generic solution to access org files on the go and away from Emacs.


Flat Habits /

My take on frictionless habit tracking truly respecting user privacy and their time (absolutely no distractions).


*scratch* / App Store

Sure, we have tons of note-taking apps but most require more steps than desirable to write something down ASAP. Launch the app and you're good to write. No new note creation, bring keyboard up, etc.


Common denominator

In addition to being offline-first, no cloud, no login, no ads, no tracking, no social… each app targets a specific purpose, sharing an important common denominator: they all use org markup as the underlying storage.

The Org bundle / App Store

While you can still get each of my apps individually, you now have the option to get them all as a single bundle: The Org bundle.


Journelly joining the bundle soon…

Continuing on the org storage theme, I got another app in the works. Also joining The Org bundle, maintaining its privacy-first approach: offline, no cloud, no login, no ads, no tracking, no social… this time in the journaling space.

Journelly is currently in beta, want to join?