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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

24 March 2024 Emacs: Toggling the continuation indicator

By default, Emacs typically displays curly arrows when wrapping lines. While likely a handy feature to some, I didn't really find much use for it. At the same time, I never looked into their removal until now.

Turns out, there's a continuation entry in fringe-indicator-alist variable that handles this. Removing this entry also removes the curly arrows.

(setq-default fringe-indicator-alist
              (delq (assq 'continuation fringe-indicator-alist) fringe-indicator-alist))

Alternatively, one could write a simple function to toggle displaying the continuation indicator.


(defun toggle-continuation-fringe-indicator ()
   (if (assq 'continuation fringe-indicator-alist)
       (delq (assq 'continuation fringe-indicator-alist) fringe-indicator-alist)
     (cons '(continuation right-curly-arrow left-curly-arrow) fringe-indicator-alist))))

That's it for this post. A tiny tip. Perhaps there's a better way to handle it. If you know, I'd love to know too (Mastodon / Twitter / Reddit / Email).