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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

06 December 2023 An iOS journaling app powered by org plain text

I've been experimenting with building a rich text editing component for iOS, powered by org markup. The idea is to offer a mobile-friendly editing experience, backed by our beloved plain text format.


To make things a little more interesting, I'm introducing a new org-based app to help anyone with regular journaling.

👉 Meet ✨Journelly✨


Plain text is the serialization format. No conversion/import/export needed.


Though it's early days, it's fairly functional. Been using it daily for some time. You can opt in to use an external org file and sync with your beloved Emacs.

Want to give it a try? Want a TestFlight invite? Send me an email address (any would do) at either of these: Mastodon / Twitter / Reddit / Email.

The topic of org being fairly Emacs-oriented, though a strength for someone far down the rabbit hole, it is understandable to call it out for someone in a different position. Lucky for us, org markup is plain text and can be implemented by apps other than Emacs, like Journelly itself for iOS and even more experimentally on macOS:


And like Journelly for iOS, I got other org things available on iOS:

As an Org mode fan, so I wrote Plain Org for iOS. It's on the App Store.
Inspired by Atomic Habits, I wrote Flat Habits for iOS. Also on the App Store.
I needed an Emacs-inspired scratch buffer on iOS (who doesn't?), so I built one.

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