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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

11 July 2021 Flat Habits 1.1 released

Flat Habits 1.1 is now available on the App Store. Flat Habits is a habit tracker that’s mindful of your time, data, and privacy. It's powered by org plain text markup, enabling you to use your favorite editor (Emacs, Vim, VSCode, etc.) to poke at your habit data.

What's new?

This release implements a few of features requested by users.

Multiday weekly habits

This is the chunkiest addition and most requested feature. You can now select multiple days when scheduling weekly habits.



Historical management

Sometimes you forget to mark a habit done or make a mistake toggling one. Either way, you can now toggle any habit day from the calendar/streak view.

Long tap

Long tap shows you the editing option available for that day.


Short tap

Short tap typically toggles between "Done" and "Not done".


Where's today?

A few folks rightfully asked for today's date to be highlighted in the calendar view, and so we now have a red circle.


Improved error messages

Hopefully you don't run into issues, but if you do, I hope the app helps ya sort them out.


  • Tapping on blur now dismisses habit edit dialog.
  • Future habits now longer editable.
  • Skipped habits no longer have a default tap action.
  • Undoing from streak/calendar view now refreshes correctly.
  • Undoing habit addition on iPad removes streak/calendar view.