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Álvaro Ramírez

Álvaro Ramírez

19 September 2021 Plain Org for iOS (a month later)

A month ago, I posted about my desire to bring org tasks/TODOs to iOS and make them quickly available from my iPhone.

Since then, I've received some great feedback, which I've been slowly chipping away at. My intent isn't so much to move my org workflow over to iOS, but to supplement Emacs while away from my laptop.

As of now, this is what the inline edit experience looks like:


If, like me, you prefer dark mode. The app's got ya covered:


Plain Org is not yet available on the App Store, but you can get a TestFlight invite if you send me an email address. Ping me on reddit, twitter, or email me at "plainorg" + "@" + "".

You can also check out progress over at the r/plainorg subreddit.